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Attention Service Business Professional:

In the next few minutes I’m going to show you undeniable proof that you can double and triple your conversion rates from your website leading to more sales using this weird marketing technique.

You can do this without:

  • Hiring more sales people
  • Spending a ton more on advertising
  • Without being a pushy salesperson to your prospects

Skeptical? It’s OK to be.
That was a pretty bold statement

But here are screenshots proving our strategy works.



You can see this strategy I’m about to tell you about can drastically increase your conversion rates and thus improving your sales using the existing traffic coming to your website.

The crazy thing is…

This strategy doesn’t require much from you or your staff. All it requires is asking your existing clients a simple question.

Isn’t that great. Imagine just asking your existing clients a simple question and that question and their actions contribute to your increased conversions and higher sales.

What would your business look like in 1 month, 6 months, 12 months with double the sales?

How would your life be different?

I would guess pretty awesome! Wouldn’t you agree?

The secret sauce to increased conversions is Customer Trust BEFORE the phone call. 

See people need to trust your company even before they pick up the phone and call you.

You can have the best looking website

The best service in town

But if you don’t have the trust factors on your website you will never get your conversions up to the level of doubling your sales.

What’s the #1 trust factor in all of sales? REVIEWS

But not your traditional way of getting reviews...

Having a 3rd party speak highly about your business is the greatest sign you’re a trust worthy business...

Getting your clients to actually leave a review is a whole other problem

Hi, I’m Jonathan Scott owner of Scott Marketing Service an online marketing company in Columbus Ohio.

I understand where you are in your business because our clients were in the same position.

We help them generate traffic to their websites and leads to their business.

We know a thing or two about traffic and lead generation.

We understood that trust is the leading factor in conversions and sales

During our consultations with our clients we would always tell them to ask their customers for reviews so we could put them on their website to increase conversions.

We ran into 2 issues during this process…

  1. Getting someone to leave a review is difficult
  2. Uploading customer reviews one by one to your website is time consuming

But this is something that HAS to be done.

If you don’t have the trust factors on your website or in a central place to show prospects the reviews you’ve gotten, you will continue to struggle with conversion rates.

Even if you get your customers to leave a review and you manually add them to your website, some punk on the internet will come along and say they are fake

So, you need a way to have your reviews verified by a third party.

But getting your clients to leave a review on say, Google, without giving them instructions can be a nightmare.

Taking the time to walk each customer through the process of leaving you a review is extremely time-consuming

Dealing with these issue for months with our clients got to be too much.

There Has To Be A Better Way, We Would Say
There Has To Be A Way To Automate This Process...

That's When Prestige Reputation Manager Was Born


Prestige Reputation Manager

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Prestige Reputation Manager automates the task of asking, reminding, and guiding your customers to leaving you reviews online.

Getting reviews from your customers is as simple as just asking them.

Once you enter your customers email or mobile number into Prestige Reputation Manager you walk away... like a boss! (mic drop!)

Prestige Reputation Manager takes it from there.

Prestige Reputation Manager Automatically Allows You To Do This...

Acquire More Authentic 3rd Party Customer Reviews

  • Prestige will automatically ask your customers for a review.
  • Send them to the review sites you care about the most.
  • Give them instructions on what to do

Monitor and Listen

  • Alert everyone on your team who needs to know when new reviews are published on the Web
  • Respond from a central "Command Center" for reviews and keep track of issue statuses
  • Report on trends and ROI for reviews 

Syndicate the good news

  • Automatically collect and stream latest and greatest reviews to show social proof on your website (Secret Sauce to increase conversions) and sales channels
  • Share positive reviews automatically to your Facebook & Twitter social media pages
  • Showcase reviews in SEO-friendly markup on-site to drive visibility in search engines

Isn’t that awesome!!

What People Are Saying About Prestige Reputation Manager

"Our business (Beany's Auto Service Center) has relied on word of mouth for years. With the Prestige service, we're able to use the word of mouth experience as it is in the 21st century -- social media!! We've had people come to us SOLELY on the online reviews they've seen on different sites. We had a handful of reviews before, but now we're getting at least one (fantastic one) a week!. I couldn't be more happy with the Prestige product."

Kerri Beany - Beanys Auto Service Center

“Getting business review is no longer an issue. With Jonathan assistance and Prestige our customers can now review our service with easy. The process has increased our on-line reviews from 1 a month to almost daily. Thank you Scotts Marketing for your great service. We will definitely continue because this is marketing the works!"

Nancy henson - Mobile Fingerprinting Solutions

“Scott Marketing Services, LLC, has allowed our company to easily and quickly distribute a request to our clients to review us, without annoying the client. I am able to send 50+ clients a request for 10-15 heavily used review sites such as; Google, Facebook, Angie's List, etc in 5 minutes or less! In the year we have been utilizing Scott Marketing's Services we have increased our reviews, and in return or sales, significantly! Johnathan, is also very quick to respond and always very courteous. Clean Air will definitely be continuing to use Scott Marketing Services on a regular basis!"

Tommy Hay - Clean Air Radon solutions

Try Prestige Reputation Manager For Free

That’s right, try Prestige Reputation Manager FREE for 14 days. Start receiving reviews as early as tomorrow. Limited-Time Special Price!!

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Without Prestige Reputation Manager you will have to do things manually, not have 3rd party verified reviews, and put up with low conversion rates

If you want to double your conversion rates & sales on autopilot you need Prestige Reputation Manager.









Try Prestige Reputation Manager For Free

That’s right, try Prestige Reputation Manager FREE for 14 days. Start receiving reviews as early as tomorrow. Limited-Time Special Price!!

No obligation. cancel anytime. no contacts.  100% risk free

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Prestige Reputation Manager in the first 30 days, cancel your account, and we will refund your money no questions asked.

- Jonathan Scott

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