5 Reasons to Add Video To Your Marketing Strategy

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5 Reasons to Add Video To Your Marketing Strategy


As discussed in the video here are 5 reasons to add video to your marketing strategy.

  • Video helps increase search engine rankings and presence – Not only will videos help your website rank better. But you can actually rank that video by itself. Best place to increase your video ranking is to place it on YouTube and optimize it for the keywords you’re trying to target.
  • Video is the most engaging format. You can see me, you can hear me, you can hear the tone of my voice, my passion for whatever I am talking about. Video is great for product demos, service demonstrations, behind the scenes look at your office, etc.
  • Video helps you reach a different audience – Forbes reports that 6 out of 10 executives would rather watch a video than read text. Some people just learn better by watching video.
  • Video Converts BETTER! – According to QuickSprout (And personal experience)
    • 80% of people remember the video they just saw
    • 46% of people take some type of action after watching a video
      • Look for more information
      • Visit the website
      • Visit or call the company
    1. I can take this one video and put it on numerous video sites
    2. I can embed the video into my own website
    3. I can share the video on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
    4. You can take the audio from the video and have an instant PODCAST
    5. You can get a transcript of the video and BOOM you instantly have a blog post, article, or pdf you can share online and off.


CAMERA SHY? – use screen capture software to record a powerpoint presentation and do voiceover


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