8 Reasons to Add Content Marketing For Lead Generation

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8 Reasons to Add Content Marketing For Lead Generation

If you’re new to content marketing, then be prepared for a completely new way of generating leads.

You’ve probably have heard the term “Blogging”. But content marketing is taking blogging to the next level.

Content marketing allows you to generate more visitors to your website with a complete strategy. Content marketing is cost effective and a long-term strategy that will work for many years to come.

Here are 8 reasons to add content marketing for lead generation.

1.) More Website Content – Having more content, articles, videos, infographics etc. on your website helps to keep your visitors on your website longer. The longer someone is on your website the more they will become familiar with your brand, your message, and your expertise.

As they become familiar with your expertise that opens up the opportunity for collecting a lead and then leading into a sale (online or offline).

2.) Higher Visibility in Search Engines – The more content on your website the more search engines will have to index. The more content that your website has indexed increases your exposure. Having more articles, images, videos etc on your website allows you to rank for “Long Tail Keywords”.

Long tail keywords are keywords that are 4 words or longer.


Traditional Keyword: Plumber Columbus Ohio

Long Tail Keyword: Best Plumbing Company Columbus Ohio

You want to keep long tail keywords in mind because everyone uses different search terms to find what they are looking for. You want to make sure you are being ranked in search engines for as many keywords as possible. The more keywords you rank for the more exposure, leads, and sales you will earn.

3.) Higher Domain Authority – Increasing the overall domain authority of your website will help you rank for keywords much faster. When you create valuable content and share it via social media it has the potential to be picked up and linked to from other websites.

This helps to increase the domain authority of your website. So, as you add more and more content it becomes easier, over time, to rank for long-tail keywords to get more exposure.

4.) More Social Media Traffic & Engagement – Everyone loves to learn something. Creating content and sharing it on social media will help your content to get exposure, followers, and more people to engage.

In today’s world video is king. If you’re comfortable creating video, (either on camera or behind the camera doing a power point presentation) I highly recommend adding video into your content marketing. Video is not the only way to create content though.

Here are some content ideas to create on your website then share to social media:

  • Video
  • Articles
  • Photos
  • Infographic
  • PDF
  • Quizzes
  • Jokes (Tasteful)
  • Press Release
  • Curated Content (Sharing other people’s content. Remember to give credit to the source)
  • Recipes
  • Community News
  • City News
  • Company News

The list goes on. Get creative and always think about getting more engagement from social media because that is what is going to help you in the long run.

5.) Increased Lead Generation Opportunities – As mentioned above, getting and keeping visitors on your website increases the chances of generating a lead. Your website is your best salesperson. Utilize it to capture leads.

After a visitor lands on your website and sees all of the helpful content, they will see you as a knowledgeable person/company and want to know more or move forward with a sale.

The first rule of thumb is to always try to capture at least an email address from your visitor so you can follow up with them at a later time.

Following up via email is called email marketing and that’s a strategy to implement in conjunction with your content marketing. More on email marketing later.

6.) Improved Brand Reputation – By putting yourself out there and showing your knowledge builds instant credibility and trust. Visitors to your website will feel more comfortable contacting you to do business if they know upfront that you are knowledgeable about your product or service.

Giving your visitors/potential customers some content to share will help to spread the word about your business and your brand becomes a familiar name and the go-to person in your industry.

7.) Decreased Marketing Costs – Content marketing costs nothing but your time. The best part about content marketing is that is offers compounding returns over time. A piece of content you create once can last for years. Bringing in consistent leads and sales over time.

You can start by just writing articles on your website (Blogging) and sharing them on social media. Get your friends and family to share your articles to help them reach more people.

Of course, you can always put a budget behind your content and run social media ads such as Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads etc. to get more exposure.

You can also repurpose your website content into pdf’s, videos, podcasts, power point presentations etc for a completely new strategy to generate leads. More on that in another article.

8.) Better Retargeting Opportunities – Here is THE BEST part of content marketing. Because your website is a digital asset everything can be tracked.

You will know what content a visitor has looked at. You will know how long they stayed on your website, and more importantly, you now have a way to keep your brand top of mind with them when they leave your website without contacting you.

You can use ads to retarget ONLY the visitors of your website. This process is call retargeting.

Retargeting drastically reduces your cost per lead because you are only paying to show ads to people who are already familiar with your brand. You’ve probably experienced retargeting yourself.

Let me ask you. Have you ever searched for a product or service online and the next thing you know you start seeing ads for that exact product or service?

Yep, you’re being retargeted. 🙂

Any business can use retargeting to keep their brand top of mind with their visitors.

Content marketing + Retargeting is a lethal marketing strategy and will help bring consistent leads to your business over time.

Content marketing is a very cost-effective way to show your expertise, build your brand, get more exposure, and get more leads.

At the beginning, content marketing may not seem to be paying off. But content marketing is a long-term strategy and should be given a few months before you start looking for an ROI.

Content marketing is the ultimate long-term marketing strategy. The internet is not going away and people won’t stop looking for your products or services.

Just make sure you can be found and you have something valuable to say.




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