3 Solid Reasons Local Businesses Should Use Online Marketing

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3 Solid Reasons Local Businesses Should Use Online Marketing

I meet and talk to business owners all the time. Some are local and some are national. From my local business owners, I get asked all the time “Why Should I Worry About Marketing Online When My Customers Are Local?”

Well, that’s a valid question and I completely understand why someone would think this, on the surface.

Along with that first question, here are other resistant statements I hear:

skeptical boy


  • I don’t need more customers: Well, no need to read any further. If you’re not interested in growing your business. Or you have more customers than you can handle. That’s a great position to be in. Just make sure your methods for attaining and attracting new customers is for the long term.


  • Online Marketing is a FAD: When people say this, they are typically referring to specific types of online marketing such as SEO, or Social Media Marketing. I will address these statements with facts in a minute.


  • It’s too expensive: It’s a valid point. However, it is all relative to the specific business’ goals. Remember marketing is an investment that, when executed properly, returns more revenue than the cost of your marketing. Meaning you see an ROI from your investment.


  • Online marketing doesn’t work for me: If you’ve tried online marketing before and have seen little results, that doesn’t mean online marketing doesn’t work in general. This just means something needs to be tweaked or scrapped altogether and started over. Instead of giving up, try to make improvements.

Improvements such as:

Selecting a new digital marketing firm.

Learning a new strategy to try yourself

Redesigning your website (You do have a website, don’t you?)

Focus on better converting visitors to your website into customers

And the list goes on

Giving up is never an option     

  • All my customers are not online: YES, people still say this in 2017 and THIS is probably the biggest misconception a local business owner can have. Like I mentioned above, I can see why a local business could think this way, on the surface.

Because if you’re only used to advertising offline, you’re just following the traditional ways to generate business. Some business owners think marketing online means the whole world will see your business and contact you.

That’s not how this works.

Your online marketing can be tailored to be seen ONLY by people searching for your business, your business products, and/or your business services.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything wrong with marketing offline. And when I say offline, I am referring to radio ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, flyers, etc.

All marketing works to some capacity.

But every one of those types of marketing I just mentioned are what’s called “Pattern-Interrupt” marketing. Meaning, you must interrupt someone to get them to look at your ad.

They weren’t looking for your services, so you must work a little harder to get them to do business with you from that one ad placement.

I just addressed some of the resistance to online marketing I hear.

Now let’s talk about why local businesses should start marketing online.

In this section, I want to drill down into online marketing a bit and talk Seach Engine Marketing.

More specifically about SEO and Local SEO (aka Local Search Engine Optimization)

I will talk about Google specifically because Google owns 65% of the market share for search engines.

importance of local seo


Google receives billions of searches per day (See Here):

google searches with local intent seo

46% of those searches are for local intent. That says a lot!!

local search phone calls

76% of local searches result in a phone call

google local mobile searches per day and week

89% of participants in this survey admitted they search for local businesses via their smartphones at least once a week. While 58% said they use their smartphones to search daily.

So what do these 3 pieces of data tell us?

  1. Your potential customers ARE searching for your products and services online
  2. They are using their smartphones most of the time to search
  3. They are ready to call you now
  4. You should start doing local SEO for your business

What this information also tells us is that you should have a website.

That website should have your contact information (Address & Phone number) clearly accessible.

And that website should be mobile friendly to make it easier to read on a smartphone.

mobile searches by adults

I bet if you did a quick Google search right now for the services or products you offer you will see some of your competition already there.

They are there for a reason and they are already reaping the benefits of being ranked on the first page of Google by way of more leads and potential customers every single day.


If you’re not on the first page of Google and you would like to be, take the next step and book a quick 15-minute strategy session call with me (Jonathan) Click Here.

The process is easy. We will discuss your needs and business goals and map out a specific strategy for your business. And if the situation is right, maybe we will work together.

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