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Social Media Marketing Helps Small Businesses

The Internet has permanently changed the world of business for both business owners and customers. If someone wants to find something, all they have to do is go to Google or some other search engine and type in what it is and in one click they get thousands of potential answers.

We can also interact with people thousands of miles away via chat, text, email and more. Most people have social media interaction every day on pages like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Sharing photos, articles, videos and more is a way of life that is normal for just about everyone and no one wants to go back to the old ways any time soon.

Businesses Must Pay Attention to Social Media

In today’s business world, social media is a cheap way to help advertise your products and services and to connect with customers. It’s also a place where the customers can help make or break a company’s reputation, so reputation management is not something any business can ignore. Social media makes it possible for a company to talk directly one on one with a client and help them to solve their problems and meet their needs. This wasn’t possible just a few years ago and it is amazing what it can do now on a minute to minute basis.

Just think of it. If your customer is happy and satisfied they may post all about it on their Facebook page or go on your Facebook page and do it. This makes their friends want to shop there and it boosts the business and therefore it generates more customers and more profits. However, the opposite can happen if your customer is unhappy and mad. The post can go viral just as easily as a good one and cause you to lose customers and profits. That’s why monitoring what is happening on your social media pages is vital for any business big or small.

Social Media is A Good Marketing Strategy

There are several ways that using social media is a good marketing strategy for small and large companies. These include:

  • More Website Traffic (Should be your #1 Goal)

No matter which social media site you use, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others can definitely help all businesses to get more traffic to their websites. Then, once you get more traffic, you can post relevant and up to date content about your products and services and show people how your company is helping them to meet their needs and solve their problems. You can talk one on one, post coupons, surveys and other things to interact with customers and keep them coming back for more.

  • Social Media Helps Businesses Develop Their Human Personality

Social media also helps a business put a human face to their name and makes things much more personal with customers. If they know that they can get a response and that someone is always going to be there to help them with an issue, then they are more likely to shop at your store or eat at your restaurant.  Social media interaction can help a business to develop its personality. It helps with branding your business name. And best of all, it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars so it is within the reach of even the smallest companies.

  • Social Media Can Help Businesses Reward Their Customers

Social media also makes it simple for a business to reward their best customers. They can use it to Tweet a message offering a flash sale to draw in customers who are online and see the message. Or, they can post a discount that only those who follow the business on Facebook can use. This makes more customers want to be followers on your social media pages. If you periodically do things like coupons, discounts, or post fun things like surveys, then your customers will stay engaged and that helps to build your business brand and its reputation.

  • Social Media Helps Businesses Produce Buzz about their Products, Services

Smaller businesses generally can’t afford huge marketing campaigns. But if they have social media accounts they can generate articles and posts that will get people more interested in shopping at their store. Posting things like videos announcing an upcoming huge sales event or doing customer reviews with real customers and posting the results. Things like this can be used to get more attention to your business fast and they won’t wreak your advertising budget.

  • Social Media Can Attract New Customers Using Geo location

There are also cool location based apps for smart phones and other Internet devices that can help to attract people who are close by your location. If you have, for instance, Four Square, you can see someone check in at another place near your store and you can send them a coupon or discount of some kind to use and tell them you are right next door, so are convenient to them already. Or you can send out tweets about a sudden flash sale and post your location so that anyone online near you will see it. These things can help a business to get a few new customers and it’s worth using especially since they usually are free.

  • Social Media Helps Businesses Connect With Fellow Businesses

Social media isn’t just for a business to interact with its customers. It can also be used to help them to interact with other companies. This can be done by building a profile on business social media sites like LinkedIn. Then, your business can learn from others in your niche, or even post available jobs where you know there will be professional people hunting for jobs that may fit the profile you need.

All in all, social media is probably one of the best things that has happened for both small and large businesses in the past few years. By using it correctly a business can attract customers, build its brand and reputation, make more profits, and continue to grow and thrive in the fast paced world of business.

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