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The 3 Pillars Of SEO

On-Site Optimization

We make sure that your website has all of the critical features that Google is looking for so that you’re indexed in the best possible way. It’s important to keep it regularly optimized so that its performance remains strong.

Content Marketing

You need content that is engaging, shareable and likeable so that it’s spread across the web for you. But if it’s not targeted and strategic too, it won’t build your website’s authority (nor trust).

Link Building

The most challenging part of any SEO strategy is building high-quality, natural links. We take the time to get to know your industry very carefully so that we can build the right links you need to get results.

What Keywords You Rank For Matters

Every good SEO strategy starts with planning. Understanding which keywords will get you the best (or quickest) results allows you to plan and prioritize accordingly.

So many strategies, one consistent approach

We’ve been doing SEO for more than 10 years and know that no two websites are the same, so no two strategies can be the same. Each approach is tailor made.

We know you won’t be starting your SEO from scratch. So our expert team will focus on the strategies that’ll drive fast results in areas you’re already lacking, whilst building on your existing work in the areas you’ve done well in.

It’s all about partnering with you to take your brand to the next level.

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SEO can provide you with highly targeted traffic to your website. We know how to get you in front of that traffic for the ultimate long-term traffic generation strategy.

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If we decide it’s a fit to work together, we are fully committed to getting you profitable results; no matter what it takes. Search engine optimization is a long term strategy, and our business focuses on long-term relationships.

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Contracts only matter to agencies when the client isn’t getting results. Why would a business even want to leave a service that was making them money each month? Our clients don’t hang around because of legally binding documents. They hang around because we continually bring in new business and increase revenue.

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Columbus Ohio SEO Services Still Valid for Internet Marketers

Most Internet marketers have likely heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It’s when someone goes over their website and makes the necessary changes to get it updated, current, and in compliance with Google’s latest algorithms so the website will get top ranking in the search engines, thus gaining more traffic and hopefully more customers.

However, in the past year or so, some so-called experts have claimed that SEO is dead and that it’s no longer a valid thing that Internet marketers need to follow. However, that idea is totally wrong. While some SEO principles are outdated, others are still totally valid and can help your business website to get ranked better in Google and other search engines.

Some Columbus SEO Principles are Outdated

Internet marketers need to know that several of the old SEO strategies are now outdated and shouldn’t be used anymore. The no longer work, or are in violation of the guidelines Google puts out. Here are some of the SEO strategies that Internet marketers can mark off their tactics list:

  • Keyword stuffing or hiding
  • Purchasing massive amounts of links
  • Copying websites (or categories) and putting them onto other domains
  • Spinning website content
  • Enhancing the website just to affect rank status

SEO Columbus Company Scott Marketing Services’ Tactics Still Current

At its roots, SEO is ultimately meant to help make searches for high quality and up to date, relevant content to be more easily available. The customer should be able to quickly and easily find what they need that will answer their search request. They should be able to find the answer to their problem whether that is finding the product they desire to buy or finding a recipe or even just finding the latest cat video on YouTube.

The majority of the Google algorithm updates are meant to give high ranking to those websites that provide the best content and punish the ones that produce spam or old and outdated, worthless content. That means that if an Internet marketer truly wants to help their customers get the best possible product, then Google’s algorithms are really on their side, believe it or not.

So, the following are SEO strategies that you can keep on your list to do:

  • Using proper keywords that are used to target customers
  • SEO copy writing and on-page optimization
  • Link attraction
  • Internal link optimization
  • Technical SEO, which are things created to make a website more accessible to being found in the search engines
  • Optimizing a website for better engagement and discussions

Superior Content is Great, But Optimized Content is Better

So, if the search engines like Google or Yahoo want to reward the websites that have the best quality of content, and make them easier to find, shouldn’t that mean all an Internet marketer has to do is post great content? Not exactly.

Even though the search engines can find the best content by doing a better job of screening websites, people still are better than robots at picking out what an article and its content really are trying to put out. So, it’s vital that Internet website owners learn how to put out the right kind of content the search engines can understand and rank properly.

The facts are, that content quality, really comes down to whether or not the information is up to date and relevance for customers. That can best be accomplished through the use of the most appropriate keywords.  When someone is trying to find something online, they type what they are trying to find into Google or some other search engine. If the website doesn’t have those keywords or ones that are very similar, then your website isn’t set up to give the search engines the right data needed to understand if your website is relevant to what the customer is looking for in their search query.

Next, the optimization of on-page copy and the Meta elements also still have good effects on whether or not your website gets chosen via search engine traffic and rank. So, if your website doesn’t have the appropriate keywords or phrases in your content that people are searching for, then you aren’t going to get high ranking in Google and you aren’t going to get chosen by potential customers to your products.

Links Are Still Vital

Google may have announced that links are not as important as they once were, but they still have a vital meaning and are still helpful in increasing your rank in the search engine listings. If the links are quality ones, then they can still get your site ranked higher than someone with crappy links.

However, that doesn’t mean that links are more vital than great content or that you can post links that lead to crappy content and get by with it. That won’t fly. In truth, if you have great content, then you will automatically be able to get quality links. You especially want links from places like social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus).

Watch out for Technical Issues

Google also is likely to give better ranking to a website that runs well and has few if any technical issues. No one, for instance, is going to give high rank to a site that loads like pouring from a bottle of molasses. You want your site to load fast and smoothly so people will want to stay long enough to buy your products. You also want user-friendly navigation and to have someone check your site periodically to make sure all the parts are working correctly.

You want your potential customers to be able to find what they need on your site and you want Google to know that you are doing it. So, yes, SEO is still relevant and useful to business website owners and you should still use the listed principles here to help your site to get top ranked in Google and other search engines. Doing this will help Internet Marketers to get more website traffic, more customers and thereby, make more money in the long run.

We don’t just focus on the city of Columbus Seo. We help suburbs businesses with their Seo as well.

So if you need:

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